Scizer By Cryomed 

The scizer is a non-invasive body contourig procedure. It helps to elimate 

stubborn fat deposits around your waist and legs without surgery.


Scizer Treatment uses Macro Focused technology which melts & destorys fat cells

below the skin in the subcutaneous layer. 

As the fat cell count in these localised fat deposits is reduced, your body's coutnours are improved. 

Treatment time can take as little as 20 minutes. The Scizer treatment is recommended for all candidates who have stubborn fat, who are looking for other alternatives to surgery. 

Scizer applies ultrasound enery 13mm under the surface of the skin, melting the fat deposits at heat levels of 65 degrees. 

Little to no downtime only causing temporary redness, mild bruising and minimal discomfort. All of these symptoms are resloved within 1-2 days of under going treatment.