Body Forming with TESLAFormer


During the treatment of TeslaFormer, a focused, magnetic field penetrates into the muscle and activates the motor neurons of the targeted muscle.

The muscle contracts and relaxes with each magnetic pulse, basically TESLAformer forces the muscles to increase in strength and volume.

During the treatment, while gaining muscle you burn your fat.

Therefore you sculpt your body in a natural form. The sensation that you will feel will be like a high-intensive workout.

The treatment is totally painless and Non-invasive.

The sessions are only 30-minutes long.

We recommend a total of 8 sessions.

Sessions are carried out every other day. 

TESLAformer uses FMS (Functional Magnetic Stimulation) technology;

  • About 50,000 contractions in a single session
  • The only system capable of operating all muscle groups
  • Core Therapy with 2 applicators
  • Single system with set programs for different parts of the body
  • Using 3 Tesla power
  • Apart from muscle development (aesthetic programs), core therapy, physical therapy and rehabilitation Tesla Former also can stimulate pelvic floor muscles for stress urinary incontinence for women and treats some of the symptoms of prostate for men.
  • The only system that can operate in 24 different phases within a single program

• To form your body 

• Grow muscle mass 

• Easier fat burning 

• Stay in shape

• Butt lifting 

• Assist posture


• Growing and strengthening muscle 

• Non-invasive treatment

• No downtime 

• More than 50,000 pulses in a 30 minute session

• Magnetic field 

• No operator needed 

• No preparation needed