Cosmetic Tattooing for your Eyebrows & Eyeliner

No more pencils, re-application or unevenness!


Cosmetic eyebrow tattooing is semi permanent tattooing that colours in your brow to make your brow a nicer, thicker, darker natural shape.  You can have a 'Solid brow', 'hair strokes', micro-blading', '3D look', 'feathering' and more - all to enhance the brows you already have.  Bring in photos of brows you love, or just let Sarah design your new brows to suit your face.

** NEW ** Micro-blading eyebrows

What is Micro-blading?

Micro-blading is a form of Tattooing, this method has been around for a very long time but in more recent times has become a very popular way to create beautiful natural looking brows. This treatment may also be known as feathering or brow embroidery.

This technique process can be used to improve or create eyebrow definition, to cover gaps in the brow, add depth and fullness to a sparse brow or totally reconstruct a nonexistent brow.

Micro-blading is performed by placing pigment into the skin using a hand-held tool. The pigment is to be placed at the correct depth into your skin to create very fine crisp lines that mimic brow hairs.

I conduct a thorough consultation before commencing your procedure.  A medical history from is filled out to ensure that you have no contraindications to the treatment, and an assessment is made of your skin to ensure you are suitable for the treatment and that your desired results can be achieved.

I have been Tattooing for 11 years and have countless hours of experience, I completed my training back in 2006 at the world’s leading Cosmetic Tattoo Academy KBpro and recently visited the UK’s academy in 2017 to ensure my skills are kept up to date with the latest techniques and advancements in eyebrow design 

I use both the hand-held tool (Micro-blading method) and a Digital Machine. Your skin type, skin condition, medical conditions and individual exposure to environmental factors will all contribute to my decision when choosing which treatment would be best suited to you. 

Before and After Eyebrow photos by Sarah Kroh....100% untouched!





Client Reviews

  •  "Before attending Skinmedics Clinic in Pyrmont. I was extremely nervous, not only about the pain but also about the result. However, all my worries were unfounded. The staff were excellent, comforting me whilst maintaining their professionalism. The clinic was clean, spacious and well organised. Sarah the tattooist - worked with me to ensure that I was comfortable with my brow shape and colour. Overall, I could nob be happier with my eyebrows.  Thank you Skinmedics!" ~ Turia Pitt August 2013 ~ Marathon runner ~ Burns victim 2011 - As seen on 60Minutes August 2013 ~ Twitter@Pitt

  • "I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love my “new” eyebrows. In just one hour, you have given me the eyebrows that I have been trying to grow for the last 25 years! Thank you so much". Love Danielle C.

  • "Thank you! What a sensational result! You have excellent style sense, a good eye for design and a fantastic artistic approach to your cosmetic tattooing".   Kind regards, Nada G - 

  • Brand new eyebrows from Sarah. You have made my life so much easier in the morning with makeup. I now have time for breakfast!! Thank you Sarah. Business Manager - Publishing

  • "I had over plucked my eyebrows in my younger years and was left with an undefined look.  Sarah coloured the skin under my eyebrows and made them look completely natural. So natural that my husband didn't notice. I am thrilled  at the results".   Barbara 60 - Former flight attendant.

  • Thank you Sarah, you have changed my whole look!  I love my new eyebrows. No more pencilling in those gaps from over tweezing in my teens. Can't wait to find time to do my lips. I will be recommending you to all my friends.  Roxey


What is eyeliner tattooing & what skills are required?

Eyeliner tattooing should be considered as being as close as you can get to being a  'medical' procedure and should only be carried out by a very experienced practitioner. Top and or Bottom Eyeliner can be implanted in various styles, from a soft, natural looking lash enhancement to a thicker, more noticeable line. Eyelids can be fine, tapered or dotted between lashes, giving eyes beautiful definition and making the lashes look thicker.


Client review

  • I was very nervous and anxious about getting my top and bottom eyeliner done.  After extensive research  I came across Skinmedics Clinic and Sarah Kroh the Cosmetic tattooist.  Once I made my consultation  with Sarah, she put me at ease with how she explained exactly what would be happening.   We designed my eyeliner together. Through out the whole treatment Sarah was so gentle, caring and very professional.  I now how beautiful eyeliner on top and bottom lids.  I wake up in the morning with my make up already done.  Absolutely love my tattooing. Thank you Sarah.

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