Cosmetic Tattooing, semi permanent makeup for your Lips


Full Lip Colour, Lip Line & Blend, Lip-liner


Lip line and Blend Cosmetic Tattooing

This technique outlines the lip shape then blends the colour from the lip line onto the lips, making the outline less obvious. A lipline and colour blend makes it much easier to apply lipstick and ensures a great shape all the time!

Just a Lip line is also available.





Full Lip Colour Cosmetic Tattooing

This is the most popular lip treatment, where the lips are left tinted with an overall colour. No more lipstick worries! Lips will always look tinted with a beautiful shape. An almost endless colour palette is available.




A couple of our numerous lip patient testimonials: 

"My lips had gotten lighter over the years. I wanted a natural look and didn't want to rely on lipstick all the time. I love my new fuller lips - day and night! Shelly - 54 year old business owner

"I wanted to emphasize my thin lips without surgery. I am delighted with my new look and can't stop smiling. The added bonus was it didn't hurt a bit." Jenny - 28 year old model


Some of our lip patient photos: All photos shown here are 100% untouched ©

M.M. Lips Before  M.M. Lips After 
T.K. Lips Before  T.K. Lips After 

Client Care - Even though this is generally a 'semi-permanent' process, colour can be modified or changed.


'Refreshing' your beautiful cosmetic tattoo is always available to Skinmedics' original patients at a reduced cost*.

*Conditions apply.

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