Dr Albina Della Bruna

Dr Albina Della Bruna M.B.B.S (HONS)

Dr Albina Della Bruna is a Cosmetic Physician.

Dr Della Bruna graduated with honours from Melbourne University in 1991 and initially wanted to pursue specialist training in intensive care / anaesthetics. But life had different plans.  Albina (as most call her) had experienced acne during her earlier years, as many of us have, and this had left her with scarring and skin pigmentation issues.  She decided to try a laser treatment that was supposed to help improve both conditions.  She underwent a deep facial C02 laser treatment for the acne scarring and the treatment left her more scarred than before.

This singular event propelled her into a quest to find treatment modalities to heal scarring and improve loss of pigmentation on the skin.

This long journey, including disappointments, required enormous amounts of research, studying various international modalities and using herself sometimes as the 'guinea pig' she has achieved a knowledge bank, determined skill set and, after ten years, healing acne scarring and post laser scarring, the hardest to treat. This result was ultimate success for her and a level of proficient skillfulness for her clients.

'I have investigated and mastered different skin techniques including laser to heal my own scars, and now I can pass this knowledge on with confidence,' states Albina.

Albina not only understands her client's needs but through her own persistence and strong will provides an abundant wealth of realised know how. 'I have arrived at a point where the knowledge of all modalities of skin treatments and their appropriate application is a true benefit for my clents'.

Specialising in skin treatments, injectables such as botulism toxin and dermal fillers, Dr Della Bruna is passionate about helping others achieve their aesthetic goals.  Through her own experiences, she has encountered the best and the worst of the cosmetic industry and is now committed to always providing treatments as if it was to her own skin.

Her mantra is 'excellence, compassion and humility', understanding each client's need to feel beautiful and confident is a priority.