Your Face Becomes Your Biography


In 2017, Skinmedics Clinic offers you the broadest range of facial

enhancements in Sydney

Below are some of the treatments on offer -


 eTwo Sublime -

Your Two in one facial rejuvenation treatment - No Needles, No Surgery, No Downtime - Just Results.

Now you can have firmer, clearer, smoother skin with less visible lines - the latest solution from Skinmedics!

"Results with the Sublime procedure are so good that people ask if I have had a facelift!" ~ Mother of two, age 45 ~


Dermastamp - Collagen Induction Therapy

Dermastamp stimulates the skin to increase collagen with Collagen Induction

Therapy and can also reduce the appearance of scarring.

Collagen Induction Therapy works by stimulating your own body's collagen. Your body will start to naturally regenerate the skin,

working below the surface in the dermis. New skin cells are generated & blood supply is enhanced. It will only take up to 6 weeks

before visible signs of regeneration are seen & the process will continue over the following months, providing you with a gradual

& long lasting enhancement.


      The benefits are multiple and the results are outstanding for;

  • Gentle exfoliation of tired and dull skin
  • Congested skin / open pores
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Acne and break out skin
  • Pigmentation marks*
  • Ageing hands
  • Ingrown hair blemishes
  • Deep frown and lip lines

    Cosmetic Tattooing:

Cosmetic Tattooing, also called 'Micropigmentation', is a popular well-tolerated cosmetic treatment involving the controlled insertion

of safe colour pigments into the dermis layer of the skin, instantly improving appearance, facial definition and in most instances,

a long lasting effect.

Cosmetic tattooing

Basically this is a cosmetic treatment that defines your eyes, brows and lips with a soft, natural appearance that looks,

and stays looking, like perfectly applied make-up or the most subtle of enhancements.  Tattooing techniques can be performed

for treating some common 'medical' concerns also...


    Liquid Face Lift - New Injectables:




   Static and Dynamic Facial Lines, Lip Enhancement & 'Brow Lifts' and Much more...

Cosmetic medicine, injectables

Through the experience and expertise of our Cosmetic Physicians, Skinmedics provides a combination of injectable treatments

to soften lines, fill wrinkles, lift brows and plump lips. Medical staff closely consult every client from an artistic 'face-styling'

perspective so as to achieve both the result you truly desire as well as a fresh and balanced improvement that not 'over done'

or too obvious.


    Skin Clarity - pigmentation solution:

eTwo Sublative

The unique new eTwo Sublative delivers bi-polar radio frequency energy via the matrix of electrodes of the disposable

Sublative iD.  This fractional delivery of RF energy causes micro-epidermal ablative injuries with wider spread dermal coagulation.

This initiates a strong wound healing response in the dermal matrix while also minimising the damage to the epidermis.

Less affected tissue surrounding the matrix points may be stimulated by heat which helps accelerate the healing process,

leading to a smoother, rejuvenated appearance of the skin.

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