As we deal with the global issue of the “Coronavirus” we wish you and your families to stay well and healthy during this crisis.

We are taking the advice from NSW Health and to use common sense precautions.

The team at Skinmedics are working to keep all our clients and staff absolutely virus free, and to put your minds at ease whilst in our clinic and continue on with your treatments as usual.

Our current practices are:

  • Wearing new gloves for each client
  • Wash and sanitise hands regularly
  • Wearing face masks
  • Change bedding between each client
  • Disinfect floors, benches, furniture, bathroom daily
  • Spray disinfectant in rooms regularly throughout the day
  • Hand sanitiser at reception desk, front door and in each room

If you show any symptoms of being unwell, please call 02 95718622 and re-schedule your appointment.

Thank you for your understanding in these challenging times.


Skinmedics is the proud owner of

"Australias First"

TESLAFormer and TESLAChair



TESLAFormer is a more concentrated, targeted and effective device for body forming.

The magnetic field propagates through clothes and skin inside your body.

Like exercise it triggers motoric nerves and excites muscle contraction. Gives you a feeling of a high-intensity workout.


A breakthrough treatment for incontinence and confindance.

This unique technology revolutionises sexual health and wellness

by providing those suffering from incontinence with a completely non-invasive and

effective option for management of symptoms

Client review from CJ

I’m a long-time client of Skinmedics.

Julie and Rose have always been extremely warm and helpful, never pressure me to buy, are consummate professionals and their products actually work.

Recently, I’ve been on a four month journey to get my body back after having twins a couple of years ago. 

I thought I’d have to resort to surgery to fix my postpartum abdominal separation but it is almost completely repaired after six sessions on the Teslaformer and my posture is vastly improved! 

I’ve had sessions on my abs, obliques, butt and arms. Combined with diet and exercise, the Teslaformer has helped me to see results I could never have achieved on my own. 

It’s so worth it!