Microdermabrasion initiates cellular  turnover which in turn stimulates a reaction at both the epidermal and dermal levels to reproduce healthier cells that appear more elastic with a finer texture, improved natural colour and a firmer surface.  Once adhered to, regular treatments should continue to encourage new cells and result in a balance of the skins surface for long-term health of that skin area.

A.S.A.P Microdermabrasion Diamond Tip plus Sonophoresis

Benefits - The benefits are multiple and the results outstanding for:

  • Gentle exfoliation of tired and dull skin
  • Congested skin with open pores
  • Ageing and Sun-damaged skin*
  • Acne and break-out prone skin
  • Acne pitting
  • Deep frown and lip lines
  • Pigmentation marks*
  • Stretch marks
  • Scars and age spots
  • Ageing hands
  • Ingrown hair blemishes
  • Blackheads and unclear complexion

* Melanocytes can extend into the actual dermis layer on people withs un exposed and darker skin and may not easily respond to treatments.

Although immediate results are visible after each and every treatment, microdermabrasion is not an overnight fix.  However, optimal results can be achieved, with a series of three to ten individual treatments at one to three weeks apart depending on the needs of your skin. We treat every person individually and assess your skin on the day of the treatment.  Some of the inclusions can be Vitamin A, B & C serums, Skin Peels, Masks, Dr Spiller products and Dermaquest products.

Effects - depending on the area being treated the level of exfoliation can be adjusted so that the treatment is tolerable.  A slight redness is normal but will generally fade within 24 hours depending on the strength of the treatment chosen by the patient in consultation with the practitioner.  Remember that the skin needs extra care and SPF30 is recommended at all times if exposed to the suns UVA/UVB rays.

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